14055: Post fire restoration in the Canning River Regional Park

    The importance of the project is to continue the excellent germination rate over the entire site, since a 2011 fire. Further weed control and replanting of the understory is necessary as little to no understory plants existed prior to the fire.

    The major threat to the area is weed invasion. There is a high weed seed bank on the site due to an agricultural history before the formation of the Canning River Regional Park. The two main groups of weeds are general broad leaf and grass weeds these include Lolium rigidum (rye grass), Lotus angustissimus, Moraea flaccida (cape tulip), Bacopa monnieri and Hydrocotyle ranunculoides.

    Investment: $ 45 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 54 425
    Delivery organisation: South East Regional Centre of Urban Landcare (SERCUL)
    Project duration: January 2015 - May 2016
    Location: Cannington; Canning River; Swan Region

    Purpose of project

    This project will reinstate the native understory due to its slow progession following a 2011 fire. Weed control will be carried out as required. Application of herbicides and hand removal will be the chosen method. This will be partly undertaken by SERCUL volunteers and other volunteer groups.  A total of 9000 understory plants will be planted and carried out by SERCUL volunteers and students on Schools National Tree Day.

    Project partners

    City of Canning; Department of Parks and Wildlife;

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