14056: Reintroduction of fauna to Wadderin Sanctuary – consolidating the gains

    Wadderin Sanctuary is a 430 hectare reserve in the central wheatbelt managed by the local Narembeen farming community. It is fenced to exclude foxes and feral cats. It now has a rich reintroduced fauna that includes four nationally-listed threatened species.

    This project aims to: maintain the barrier fence; continue baiting for foxes and trapping for feral cats; continue monitoring of native wildlife including husbandry of the fledgling reintroduced population of banded hare-wallaby (population less than 12); and build community interest by holding an open night to view fauna or a school visit during trapping.

    Investment: $ 27 990
    Other contribution: $ 26 730
    Delivery organisation: Wadderin Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.
    Project duration: February 2015 - September 2016
    Location: Wadderin Sanctuary; Shire of Narembeen
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