14058: Eastern States Wattle Control in Redmond Phase II

    This project is the second phase of works to control invasive eastern states wattles (mainly Sydney golden wattle) on two properties in Redmond. The infestations pose a threat to surrounding national parks and remnant vegetation including waterways that contain populations of threatened flora Banksia goodii.

    The proposed project area covers 382ha of private land managed for blue gum plantations of which 177ha of remnant vegetation is heavily infested. At this stage the wattles are isolated to these properties and along the road verge adjacent to the properties. Manual and chemical techniques will be used by the group to remove the wattles to ensure there is minimal damage to the surrounding bushland.

    Investment: $ 23 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 31 200
    Delivery organisation: Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee Inc
    Project duration: February 2015 - December 2015
    Location: Redmond West Rd opposite the Redmond Forest; City of Albany

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