14068: Aquatic weed capacity building and management training

    This project will deliver on the outcomes of the Aquatic Weed Forum 2012. It has been identified through the forum and with additional operational discussions that there is a serious need for; coordinating the development and delivery of aquatic weed and native species identification; best practice management training in weed control methods; monitoring and mapping techniques; and to determine the effectiveness of the on ground methodology used. 



    Investment: $ 35 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 36 936
    Delivery organisation: South East Regional Centre of Urban Landcare (SERCUL)
    Project duration: March 2015 - September 2016
    Location: Canning; Armadale; Gosnells; South Perth; Belmont; Cockburn; Rockingham; Melville; Swan Region.

    Purpose of project

    This project will develop and implement, as a trial, an Aquatic Weed Identification and Training program that will be offered to waterways and wetlands managers, operational team leaders and community group members.

    The program will train the participants how to:

    1. Identify aquatic native plants and weeds including algae and macrophytes.
    2. Control and eradicate aquatic weeds using the most ecological and economic method.
    3. Manage waterways and wetlands to protect them from reinvasion.
    4. To map weed invasion and use mapping to support a management and monitoring program for the waterway/wetlands.


    Project partners

    WA Herbarium, Southern Perth Local GovernmentCouncils and shires

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