14069: Re-fencing Mount Caroline for threatened Rock-wallaby habitat protection

    Colonies of the vulnerable black-flanked rock-wallaby in the wheatbelt crashed drastically in recent years. The total wheatbelt population is fewer than 200 individuals (as at 2012-2013). The species became locally extinct at one location seven years ago and another two locations in the past 12 months and can now only be found at five small outcrops. These outcrops are also important ecosystems, providing not just habitat for rock-wallabies but also acting as habitat for a suite of other species. At 352ha, Mt Caroline is the largest of the granite outcrops still inhabited by rock-wallabies, and hosts the largest colony.

    This project aims to aid recovery of the wallaby by reducing predation and increasing food availability. Activities will include installation of fencing to exclude stock from habitat on private land and promote habitat regeneration and replacement of an existing (inappropriate) high mesh fence to reduce predation and grazing pressure and facilitate movement of rock-wallabies towards other outcrops.

    Investment: $ 21 443
    Other contribution: $ 51 889
    Delivery organisation: WWF – Australia
    Project duration: October 2014 - December 2015
    Location: Mt Caroline Nature Reserve and two adjacent private properties, 445 Gardner Road Kellerberrin WA 6410, and Lot 7389 Gardner Rd, Kellerberrin 6410, Western Australia.

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