14078: Aquila project: crowdsourcing volunteers to detect rubber vine in aerial imagery

    Rubber vine, a WoNS declared across the whole of WA, is considered one of Australia's worst weeds. Left unchecked it threatens to overrun the Fitzroy River Valley and near coastal areas in the National Heritage listed West Kimberley.

    A critical part of the Cryptostegia grandiflora eradication program is the annual aerial search for isolated flowering vines. This project aims to improve the efficiency of this annual search and provide more targeted eradication programs. It will use imagery that will be collected during the annual aerial search.

    Volunteers will be engaged to look for flowering vines in the high-quality images that the aerial observer may have missed. This work has the potential to reduce costs and time spent physically searching on the ground or from the air.

    Investment: $ 37 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 338 400
    Delivery organisation: West Kimberley Rubber Vine Steering Committee
    Project duration: March 2015 - October 2016
    Location: West Kimberley Lower Fitzroy River Valley - Willare; Derby – Shire of West Kimberley

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