14110: Sawyers Road to Lion Street heritage trail project

    Railway Reserves Heritage Trail in Mount Helena has been identified as an essential component of any biodiversity project in the Eastern Hills as it has the potential to act as a conduit for the spread of invasive weeds.

    This project will rehabilitate bushland and adjoining reserves along the trail between Sawyers Road to Lion Street through weed control and revegetation. Several Friends Groups are engaged in the same work along other parts of the trail and their collective vision is to have the whole system of Heritage Trails weed free and degraded areas revegetated.

    Investment: $ 7 302
    In-kind contribution: $ 13 600
    Delivery organisation: Friends of Pioneer Park
    Project duration: March 2015 - June 2016
    Location: Mount Helena; Shire of Mundaring; Swan Region; Avon Region

    Purpose of project

    This project is a continuation of previous revegetation and weed removal efforts to restore the integrity of the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail in Mount Helena and a valuable wildlife corridor.

    Project partners

    Jane Brook Catchment Group

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