14112: Control of feral animals in Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary is set to play a critical role in reversing the tide of animal species extinctions in WA. At 7800ha it is the largest fox and cat free area on mainland Western Australia.

    The Sanctuary is surrounded by a 43km predator-proof fence which will protect nine of Australia's most endangered mammal species (numbat, woylie, bilby, chuditch, greater stick nest rat, red tailed phascogale, banded hare wallaby, shark bay mouse, western barred bandicoot).

    Now the Sanctuary is complete it's time to remove feral predators (cats, foxes, wild dogs) and herbivores (feral goats and rabbits).

    Funding applied for in this grant will go directly towards the feral eradication effort and establishment of feral animal monitoring stations and traps. This work will be followed by the translocation of the nine endangered species into the Sanctuary.

    Investment: $ 48 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 205 690
    Delivery organisation: Australian Wildlife Conservancy
    Project duration: July 2014 - September 2015
    Location: Moore and North West Central; Avon & Wheatbelt

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