14117: Marlak Niran: Returning Country to Bushland

    This project will take place on Avondale Farm, an 837ha property owned and managed by Yaraguia Enterprises Incorporated (YEI). The property adjoins the confluence of the Dale and Avon Rivers whose riparian vegetation provide a corridor for wildlife that extends all the way to the state forests east of Perth. The YEI vision for the property is to create a Ballardong cultural landscape for future generations of Nyungar. Already 200ha of previously cleared and damaged land has been revegetated with native species and work has commenced on repairing the riparian area of the Avon River.

    This project aims to build on this work by restoring the mainly cleared property through revegetation, improved land management and conservation activities guided by a management plan developed in conjunction with the Indigenous Land Services. Activities will include collection of local provenance seed; development of a local native seed bank for use on this property and other nearby Aboriginal properties; Indigenous fire use to manage weeds; restoration of cleared land; revegetation of culturally significant ceremonial sites and riparian areas; establishment of seed orchard to access native seed for future use.

    Investment: $ 30 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 43 457
    Delivery organisation: Yaraguia Enterprises Incorporated
    Project duration: May 2015 - February 2016
    Location: Shire of Beverley

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