14119: Blackberry removal and the restoration of Bull Creek Reserve Stage 2

    Bull Creek Reserve is a Bush Forever site with some excellent sections of remnant bush and wetland areas. The reserve is under threat from a number of highly invasive weeds including blackberry, lantana, Acacia longifolia, and papyrus. Bullcreek Main Drain, that passes through the reserve, has been identified as a priority in a Water Quality Improvement Plan.

    This project aims to improve habitat, water quality and biodiversity along Bull Creek Reserve by continuing a program of blackberry removal and revegetation of areas previously weeded.

    Investment: $ 27 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 136 031
    Delivery organisation: South East Regional Centre of Urban Landcare (SERCUL)
    Project duration: February 2015 - June 2016
    Location: Bull Creek Reserve, along Karel Ave near the corner of Brockman Ave.

    Project partners

    Rossmoyne Senior High School Bushrangers

    Friends of Bullcreek Catchment

    City of Melville

    Water Corporation

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