14130: Herdsman Lake Regional Park – Glendalough Reserve Revegetation Project

    Herdsman Lake Regional Park is an internationally recognised reserve and a popular destination for bird-watching tourists, local residents and workers. It is an important refuge for wildlife, particularly birds, many of which move between the Park and bushland around Hale school, Bold Park and Lake Monger. Previous revegetation work at Herdsman Lake has successfully established tree species however there is still insufficient understorey to support the suite of insectivorous birds that once inhabited the area.

    This project aims to create a dense understorey, forming a shrub layer to provide shelter and food for small bush birds and habitat for other native species, such as the reintroduction of Quenda. Plant species that are known to attract birds and insects, and are dense enough to help provide cover from predators such as cats and foxes, will be the focus of the revegetation activity. Photo points will be established for local volunteers to monitor and record the rehabilitation, including a bird list and bird banding records.

    Investment: $ 14 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 16 654
    Delivery organisation: Herdsman Lake Regional Park Community Advisory Committee
    Project duration: March 2015 - August 2016
    Location: Herdsman Lake Regional Park, Glendalough Reserve; City of Stirling

    Project partners

    Department of Parks and Wildlife

    Herdsman Lake Bird Banding Group

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