14155: Towards Athel Pine (Tamarisk) Eradication in the Lower Gascoyne

    Athel pine (Tamarisk aphylla) is a WoNS that exists along the Gascoyne River in historic river bank plantings in the town of Carnarvon. Left untreated, the density and extent of the pines will substantially increase along the river potentially displacing native vegetation, obstructing water flow and changing river dynamics.

    This project aims to eliminate the source of viable athel pine seeds to prevent its spread within the Lower Gascoyne. This will be done by removing remaining adult pine trees along a 3km stretch of the river. This project continues work begun by the group in 1994 where, over time, pine trees have been thinned. Complete removal of the pines at that time may have destabilised the river bank, so alternate blocks were treated and left in place to allow revegetation to occur. It is now time to remove the remaining blocks by the same method.

    Investment: $ 35 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 14 160
    Delivery organisation: Carnarvon Land Conservation District Committee
    Project duration: April 2015 - November 2015
    Location: South Gascoyne River Bank from adjacent to the Carnarvon sewage ponds to Finnerty Street.
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