14187: Protecting the Stirling Range National Park from bridal creeper

    Bridal Creeper is one of five noted weed threats to the newly EPBC listed Proteaceae Dominated Kwongkan Shrubland Threatened Ecological Community, which is only found on the South Coast. The EPBC Conservation Advice notes that the listed weeds 'are a significant threat to smaller and linear patches such as roadside verges and patches near highly modified land such as towns and alongside farmland. These patches provide important corridors for threatened species such as the Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo. Presence of invasive plants within the ecological community results in structural loss, increased fire risk and loss of species diversity.'

    Despite the introduction of the rust biological control to the South Coast in 2004, Bridal Creeper has continued to spread, albeit at a slower rate, and cost effective solutions to control large areas within otherwise healthy native vegetation especially on road verges, is sorely needed.

    This project will control 160ha of bridal creeper in high value remnant vegetation adjacent to the Stirling Range National Park. The latest control methods developed by the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group will be used backed with rigorous monitoring. This important project will help protect the Stirling Ranges from infestation by this Weed of National Significance (WONS).


    Investment: $ 40 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 52 740
    Delivery organisation: Oyster Harbour Catchment Group
    Project duration: May 2015 - December 2016
    Location: Woogenellup, Porongurup, Kendenup, Cranbrook, Amelup, Takalarup, Waychinicup and Millbrook

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