14215: Nicholson Range Conservation and Restoration Project Stage 2b

    Nicholson Range is the watershed between the Roderick and Sanford River systems which are tributaries of the Murchison River in the mid-west rangelands. The range is considered significant by many prominent botanists and ecologists for particular plant and animal species that live on the breakaway system.

    This project will complete construction of an electric fence around the full perimeter of the range (5400ha), ensuring complete control of grazing pressures. Feral goats, unmanaged livestock and red plains kangaroos will be removed from the fenced area. This work will help protect the ecology of the ranges, and reduce erosion and sediment entering the Murchison River system.

    Investment: $ 32 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 43 400
    Delivery organisation: Nicholson Range Management Committee
    Project duration: March 2015 - October 2016
    Location: The Nicholson Range is approximately 160 km north east of Mullewa and 160 km north west of Mt Magnet. The Range is positioned on the divide of the Shires of Murchison and Yalgoo.

    Project partners

    Rangelands NRM WA

    Meka Pastoral Company

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