14217: Weed Control in the Great Western Woodlands

    Gimlet woodland. Image: DAFWA
    Gimlet woodland. Image: DAFWA

    The Dundas Nature Reserve is part of the Great Western Woodlands (GWW), an internationally significant area of biological richness and the largest remaining area of intact Mediterranean climate woodland in the world. An Ngadju Ranger team will survey weeds through the reserve to inform a strategic weed control program.

    Through this project the Goldfields Land and Sea Council (GLSC) Ranger team will incorporate a systematic weed and vegetation survey of targeted areas within the GWW to provide a basis for identifying potential weed species and assessing flora distributions. Information from the survey could then be used to inform and prioritise target species for control as well as the implementation of a management program to achieve a successful outcome.

    The project will build the skills and knowledge of the ranger team in data collection and mapping, weed management and chemical handling, and a wide variety of land management activities including erosion control and visitor services.

    Investment: $ 35 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 14 489
    Delivery organisation: The Goldfields Land and Sea Council
    Project duration: February 2015 - April 2016
    Location: The Great Western Woodlands

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