15006: Enhancing Mogumber Town Reserve as a local natural asset

    The Mogumber Town Reserve is a 58ha recreational reserve in the heart of Mogumber town. The reserve is healthy Wandoo Marri woodland and located on the banks of the Moore River.

    The reserve features 4 declared-rare flora (including Darwinia camea - Mogumber Bell) and is home to approximately 60 Carnaby's Black Cockatoo who are drawn there due to the abundant presence of feed species and also suitable trees with hollows for breeding.

    An important Yued site, the reserve falls within the Registered 20008 Moore River Mythological Waggyl site which is highly sacred to the Yued. It also is a known camping spot for past tribes to camp and gather food. Two Yued members still live on the outskirts of the reserve and have shared many stories of the reserve about the many flora and fauna species.

    This project will:

    • Create two walk trails around the reserve: a two km circular trail using existing tracks and a 600m return track to the Moore River and historic wooden bridge;
    • Design and erect 13 interpretive signs showing walk trails and detailing the reserve's ecology, Yued heritage, history and Carnaby's Black Cockatoo importance;
    • Building and erecting five new Carnaby's Black Cockatoo nesting logs in the reserve;
    • Revegetate degraded tracks with 1,000 seedlings during a community planting day; and
    • Host a reserve celebration day to highlight the project, the reserve's natural assets and Yued heritage.
    Investment: $ 34 815
    In-kind contribution: $ 43 170
    Delivery organisation: Moore Catchment Council
    Location: Mogumber

    Project partners

    Shire of Victoria Plains

    Mogumber Progress Association

    Yued Group

    Wally Kerkhoff Carnaby's group

    More information

    Moore Catchment Council

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