15010: Partnerships to protect and restore Roebuck Plains' significant wetlands

    This project will fence three significant wetlands - Lake Eda, Mimiyagaman and Ram Paddock, on the Roebuck Plains near Broome - restricting access for cattle and allowing access for Aboriginal people who use the area for culturally significant activities.

    The project will also undertake community education with the Yawuru people to  raise awareness of wetland values, responsible use and protection of the asset.

    This project will:

    • Protect ecological and cultural values of three interconnected and significant wetlands (Lake Eda, Mimiyagaman, Ram Paddock) from the impacts of cattle and local land-use, while still providing access to the wider community.
    • Undertake a community education program to raise awareness of wetland values, responsible use, and protection.
    Investment: $ 44 820
    In-kind contribution: $ 60 989
    Delivery organisation: Nyamba Buru Yawuru
    Location: Roebuck Plains Station, approximately 45 kms east of the township of Broome, WA
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