15015: Project Palomino - restoring the Wungong River

    Enhancement of two seasonal billabongs and the river corridor in the Palomino Reserve on the Wungong River. This project aims to improve water quality and enhance habitat for native fauna such as frogs, birds and macro-invertebrates. This will be achieved through weed control and planting local native species.

    The continued restoration of the corridor includes activities such as:

    • Shaded areas along one section of the bank of the Wungong River, creating habitat for native fish and excluding the introduced gambusia (who require open waters)
    • Planting up natural billabong areas creating breeding habitat for frogs and providing water filtration from farm run-off through nutrient stripping
    • Dense shrubby areas for native birds such as the native blue wren
    • Variety of planting within the seasonally flooded area which will provide food and habitat for a variety of birds, invertebrates and herpetofauna.
    Investment: $ 26 500
    In-kind contribution: $ 45 170
    Delivery organisation: Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group
    Project duration: July 2016 - June 2017
    Location: Palomino Reserve, City of Armadale
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