15017: Revegetation of riparian habitat at Mary Carroll Lake

    Mary Carroll Park is a seasonal wetland on the Swan Coastal Plain. It is heavily impacted as a result of past and present land uses; however, it is widely recognised for its biodiversity value. This is reflected in the Site being recognised as both a Conservation Category Wetland and a Bush Forever Site.

    Revegetation work is carried out at the site by the Friends of Mary Carroll Wetlands and the City of Gosnells. Previous State NRM funding has allowed revegetation works to focus on the islands which form important habitat. The project has seen the installation of over 12 000 local native seedlings, chemical and manual weed control, and the construction of fences along a portion of the lake to limit illegal vehicle access.

    This project will continue vegetation infill on the original seven islands and expand the restoration works on the north and eastern periphery of lake.

    Investment: $ 15 500
    In-kind contribution: $ 21 700
    Delivery organisation: Friends of Mary Carroll Wetlands (FMCW)
    Project duration: July 2016 - June 2017
    Location: Mary Carroll Lake, City of Gosnells
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