15022: Feral pig eradication along the Bannister River

    This project will undertake feral pig control on private property and Department of Parks and Wildlife reserves along the Bannister River. The aim is to remove feral pigs from the immediate and surrounding areas to prevent the establishment of permanent populations of pigs which threaten flora, fauna and degrade water quality.

    Feral pigs are a declared animal under the Agriculture and Related Resources Protection Act 1976 and are know to cause rapid and destruction to the natural environment. Feral pigs pose a number of threats and long-term risks if left unattended, as populations of pigs can reproduce rapidly, eradication of at least 70% pig removal a year is required to maintain population reductions. With the illegal relocation of feral pigs and illegal hunting, pigs can scatter and reproduce in new areas causing damage and posing a biodiversity threat.

    The removal of the feral pigs will allow the re-establishment of native riparian vegetation to increase biodiversity along the creek line. Removing the pigs will also improve water quality as the pigs dig up the banks increase erosion.

    Eradicating feral pigs have a number of benefits to the area such as:

    • Reducing the risk of spreading exotic diseases
    • Reducing the impact on the natural environment, particularly the waterways and quality
    • Maintaining water quality in catchment areas
    • Reducing illegal pig release and hunting
    Investment: $ 45 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 42 461
    Delivery organisation: Wandering / Hotham Declared Species Group
    Project duration: July 2016 - June 2017
    Location: Bannister River, Shire of Wandering, Shire of Boddington
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