15024: Revegetation,water management and remnant bush protection across Cridland Catchment

    The planting of over 20 000 trees across two sites will enhance the landscape, provide habitats to animals & birds, reduce soil erosion and groundwater recharge and reduce waterlogging and salinity in the lower catchment.

    Revegetation alleys across the upper and mid slopes are recommended remedial practices for addressing degradation of saltland.

    The revegetation will protect the site from further soil erosion,alleviate excess water run off and control rising water table. Keeping stock out of the bush will stop further destruction of native vegetation.

    Investment: $ 27 416
    In-kind contribution: $ 16 500
    Delivery organisation: Dumbleyung Landcare Zone
    Project duration: July 2016 - March 2017
    Location: Shire of Dumbleyung
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