15026: Bigger than Bridal Creeper

    This project will extend the reach of the last six years of the Bridal Creeper Roadside Spraying Control program in the Upper Blackwood Region.

    Bridal Creeper is an invasive weed that threatens native ecological communities. If left un-checked, Bridal Creeper can overwhelm native vegetation, killing plants and preventing new seedlings from germinating through the weeds' thick tuberous mat, thus destroying areas that provide feed and shelter for native species. The cascading effect of such an invasion can lead to significant changes in the health and biodiversity of the roadside corridor reserves. As it can take up to 7 years to kill a single plant, and with its resilient propagation systems, ongoing management is essential to maintain control.

    This project will achieve:

    • Roadside spraying of Bridal Creeper along roadsides in eight shires by professional spray contractors.
    • Continued liaising with local governments to spray priority infestation areas on public land not covered by this grant, as well as supplementary roadside spraying if within their budget.
    • Education campaign to encourage private landholders to control infestations on their properties.
    Investment: $ 50 650
    In-kind contribution: $ 51 820
    Delivery organisation: Katanning LCDC
    Project duration: July 2016 - April 2017
    Location: Upper Blackwood Region
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