15027: Twertup Field Studies Centre: utilities, cooking area and nature walks

    The Twertup Field Studies Centre is located in the north west of the Fitzgerald River National Park (FRNP). Originally built in 1965 using spongolite blocks from the nearby quarry, Twertup and its history are a significant part of the heritage of the area.

    Since 1980 it has been the responsibility of the Friends of FRNP to maintain and manage. Prior to the wildfire, the building was always open to the public and attracted local, national and international visitors. The four main categories of use were: educational/scientific, recreational/artistic, maintenance and meetings/social.

    This project will assist in completing the restoration of the Twertup precinct which was damaged by bushfire in 2008.

    Works will include:

    • installation of a new toilet suitable for people with disabilities and refurbishment of an old toilet
    • a boot-cleaning station at the start of the Nature Walks
    Investment: $ 30 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 46 085
    Delivery organisation: Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park
    Location: Fitzgerald River National Park
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