15028: A collaborative approach to successful pest management in the Northern Agricultural Region

    This project will aim to develop a collaborative approach in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) of Western Australia in order to:

    • efficiently and sustainably conduct pest management for a range of species (foxes and cats, wild dogs, pigs and rabbits)
    • and preserve the local native wildlife currently predated upon

    It will bring pest management back onto the agenda as a main environmental priority and will coordinate a baiting and trapping campaign for optimum coverage and success.

    This project will introduce a collaborative approach from 8 different shires and will be developed in 3 phases: Education, Process and Elimination. The project will in its first year focus on foxes and wild dogs and will later extend to cats, rabbits and wild pigs.

    Investment: $ 25 980
    In-kind contribution: $ 44 900
    Delivery organisation: Mingenew Irwin Group
    Project duration: July 2016 - August 2017
    Location: Northern Agricultural Region
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