15030: Protecting and restoring native vegetation within Bremer River Catchment

    This project will engage farmers to improve soil health and extend habitat connectivity for wildlife through the protection of remnant vegetation and waterways of the Bremer River catchment within the Fitz-Stirling corridor of the GondwanaLink Project.

    Creek lines and waterways that contain remnant vegetation on agricultural land within the Biosphere Zone of cooperation remain disease free from introduced diseases and therefore provides a long term, viable and sustainable environment for the native flora and fauna to interact, complimenting the regions rich bio-diversity.

    This project will protect creek lines and waterways and re-vegetation areas from stock incursion and allow natural re-generation to take place improving soil structure and stability. Areas of little or no ground cover will be re-vegetated to prevent further risk of soil erosion, salinity and waterway degradation.

    Investment: $ 52 400
    In-kind contribution: $ 86 550
    Delivery organisation: Fitzgerald Biosphere Group Inc
    Project duration: July 2016 - December 2016
    Location: Shire of Jerramungup
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