15032: Controlling Weedy Acacia and Watsonia to Protect Native Vegetation

    This project builds on over 10 years of successful invasive wattle species control throughout the project area undertaken by the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group Inc. and project partners, and is directed by the Ranges Link - Stirling to Porongurup Conservation Action Plan.

    Weedy Acacia species, particularly Acacia pycnantha (Blackwood) and Acacia longifolia (Sydney Golden Wattle) are highly invasive species within this project area which can out-compete native vegetation, forming monocultures. Sydney Golden Wattle compounds on thisby altering the soil chemistry, actively preventing native species from germinating. Within the heavily cleared landscape of this project area, road reserves, rail reserves, and remnant vegetation patches are important refugia for both plant and animal species - as well as wildlife corridors for movement between larger habitat areas.

    By controlling these invasive species in these areas this project will not only protect and enhance them, but will reduce the movement of these invasive species towards the Stirling Range and Porongurup National Parks.

    Specifically, this project will:

    • Provide follow-up control of invasive wattles in the 25km Mount Barker to Tenterden Rail Reserve
    • Undertake over 70Ha of Watsonia control within the Mount Barker to Tenterden Rail Reserve and nearby reserve
    • Undertake over 500Ha of invasive wattle control in strategic vegetation remnants
    • Undertake invasive wattle control in 91km of road reserve, and 5km of riparian vegetation (upper Kalgan River)
    Investment: $ 44 100
    In-kind contribution: $ 43 800
    Delivery organisation: Oyster Harbour Catchment Group Inc.
    Project duration: July 2016 - May 2017
    Location: Mount Barker and surrounds
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