15034: Controlling Bridal Creeper in the Ranges Link and Surrounds

    This project follows on from four years of trials, involving the application of varying rates and mixes of herbicides and wetting agents for chemical spraying to control significant areas of Bridal Creeper using the best knowledge on control options from Kings Park and Department of Agriculture and Food experts.

    For this project, the initial control will involve broadcast spraying using the lower chemical rates. Follow-up control will be undertaken via targeted spot spraying, using a higher rate of chemical.

    Due to the complexity of treating Bridal Creeper in native vegetation, the treatment methodology means that efficacy of a July-October treatment is not evident until April the following year when the Bridal Creeper tubers fail to re-sprout.

    Specifically, this project will:

    • Control Bridal Creeper over 75+km road reserves, 17km riparian vegetation, and 120 ha remnant vegetation, in a range of vegetation types
    • Control Bridal Creeper on strategic sites to buffer the Stirling Range National Park and Porongurup National Park from infestation
    • Analyse the effectiveness of the control
    • Promote the effectiveness of this control activity to environmental stakeholders throughout the South Coast and Great Southern.
    Project duration: July 2016 - July 2018
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