15039: Bringing Back the Understorey

    This project will trial nine understorey regeneration techniques, using equipment accessible to typical landholders in the broadacre farming district, on degraded bushland sites that only have the canopy layer in tact.

    In the Katanning district, revegetation is almost always done via ripping and seedlings which is highly suitable for bare sites such as ex-paddocks, but is not necessarily the answer in these bushland areas where you need to weave between trees and avoid damaging roots. However, very little is known locally about these alternative techniques and very few people are experienced or skilled in implementing them.

    In this project, two landholders wish to experiment with nine different techniques in four patches of bushland, all of which have been recently fenced off after generations of livestock grazing. The intent is to use equipment available to typical farmers so that the results can be easily shared and put into practice by other Katanning district landholders.

    Investment: $ 7 170
    In-kind contribution: $ 5 754
    Delivery organisation: Katanning LCDC
    Project duration: July 2016 - October 2017
    Location: Broomehill and Katanning
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