15057: Connecting, Protecting and Expanding Native Vegetation in Koorda, Wyalkatchem, Mukinbudin

    Re-vegetation site
    Re-vegetation site

    A majority of land in these shire's is affected by clearing, the percentage of native remnant bushland is >10% this is alarming to think our native flora & fauna are breaching extinction due to loss of habitat through clearing. Revegetation is key through bio diverse mix of seedlings and protection with fencing with an outcome of environmental protection and sustainability. Through feral pest control we can reduce feral pests which also connects with my previous project "Feral Pest Eradication through use of 1080 and research into bait palatability, bait attractiveness and non - target species attraction" Through these measures we can hope to see an improvement within our environment in reducing feral animals, revegetating bare land reducing wind erosion, poor soil health and protection/expanding of remnant bushland. The threats long term to the area are reduction in habitat, stock grazing, feral pest animals and climate change which could result in total destruction of habitat and extinction of native flora and fauna.

    Investment: $ 55 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 68 110
    Delivery organisation: Shire of Koorda
    Location: Koorda
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