15058: Strategic Weed Control of Sydney Golden Wattle in Wellstead

    Target weed species Acacia longifolia
    Target weed species Acacia longifolia

    This project has complemented past State NRM funded weed control programmes by providing ongoing control and management of Sydney Golden Wattle in the Wellstead District. 
    Numerous landholders identified Sydney Golden Wattle on their properties and a 'weed eradication team' contracted to Southcoast NRM & Kurraca Pty Ltd has achieved a major reduction of this aggressive weed. This State NRM project has provided the funds for further on ground works and equipment. After further mapping a strategic plan can be devised and further on ground works will be achieved through contractors delivering primary control and secondary control to landholders who do not have the capacity to deliver themselves. Landholders that do have the capacity have the responsibility for following up treatment in ongoing years.

    Investment: $ 30 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 9 000
    Delivery organisation: Wellstead Community Resource Centre
    Location: Wellstead, South Coast
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