15059: Lake Coomelberrup Cathment Conservation and Preservation Project

    Coomelberrup Lake is a hidden treasure for water birds including many species of migratory birds and a healthy environment for native animals.Building a bird hide will initiate a monitoring program for volunteers from the Friends of Group to record data and store it at the Landcare Office. This will also be made available to other organisations. Part of this project will be a hook to revive and renew conservation interest for catchment members after a 5 year lapse.

    A newcomer to the district has recorded 79 species of birds inhabiting the bush and lake and has sighted phascogales, echidnas and other critters. By erecting additional bird boxes, bat and phascogale nest boxes and supplying breeding logs it may encourage more breeding of these critters and raise the awareness of the importance to protect local fauna and birds. 
    Threats to the catchment are rising water table, bush decline, species decline and landscape degradation which has exacerbated the salinity. Funding will provide the incentive to re ignite the Group and help Farmers carry out activities which will re motivate people towards caring for the local environment. 
    Past conservation efforts has transformed the landscape with the establishment of trees,bush corridors and protecting bush but very little work has been done over the last 5 years. 
    This funding will enable greater revegetation across the landscape, constructing a bird hide will encourage volunteers to get involved in an exciting monitoring project.
    Investment: $ 23 130
    In-kind contribution: $ 14 400
    Delivery organisation: Dumbleyung Landcare Zone
    Project duration: July 2016 - March 2017
    Location: Lake Coomelberrup, Dumbleyung
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