15063: Revegetation of Wetland Buffer, Eastern side of Lake Claremont

    Lake Claremont is in the corridor between Kings Park and the coast and is a key area within the WESROC Greening Plan. The State Government's corridor plan for Lake Claremont is included in the Capital City Planning Framework which fits in with the older Greening Plan.
    This extension of the Wetland Buffer around Lake Claremont will have major benefits for the environment as it will prevent nutrients flowing into Lake Claremont Wetland. This will enhance the water quality of the Lake. It will also lower the amount of ground water used. It enhances habitat used by birds, frogs, bats and tortoises.The Friends of Lake Claremont have been revegetating this area and wish to complete the area reserved for bushland and natural vegetation within the Lake Claremont Management Plan. 
    To date Friends of Lake Claremont have been restoring the wetland buffer adjacent to the lake with Federal Caring for our Country Grants. These are no longer available and we feel that we can complete the planting of the buffer if we are able to obtain this grant. Birdlife Australia conduct a quarterly survey at the lake and are seeing bird species return that have not been seen for years. The latest example of this is the wren which is seen in the low buffer and heathland. This grant will encourage this species.
    Although Lake Claremont is a Conservation Category Wetland and Bush Forever Site it is also used as a recreation area for runners, walkers and bicycle riders and has outdoor gym equipment and playgrounds in the open area. This is a very significant area for recreation and appreciation of nature. It has major social benefits for the community. Since the FOLC have been working there it has been rapidly coming to the attention of the wider community and politicians. A lot more people are using the Lake area. This wetland and bushland must be preserved for future generations.

    Investment: $ 25 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 61 330
    Delivery organisation: Friends of Lake Claremont Limited
    Location: Lake Claremont, Perth
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