15069: Better habitats by battling bridal creeper in Wagin

    Currently there are programs in the area to address bridal creeper along road verges, and there are some reserves being treated in the Shire of Woodanilling to accompany this roadside work. The Shire of Wagin contributes a small amount to managing bridal creeper in the town, but focuses on areas of higher community activity including shire parks. As such, the majority of remnant vegetation reserves are currently going untreated for bridal creeper. If these reserves are not also treated, the spread of the bridal creeper will persist into these areas where funds are currently being spent, making the work undertaken previously ineffective.

    This project aims to add to these resources already spent and underway by providing management of bridal creeper on reserves that are currently recieving no treatment. Many of these reserves provide valuable habitat for species such as red tailed phascogale and carnaby's cockatoo, with the possibility of chudditch also utilising these areas.

    Utilising a contractor, this project will treat 247 ha in 3 reserves with the aim of maintaining management strategies into the future through operations with the Shire and future funding opportunities. 

    Project duration: July 2016 - June 2017
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