15073: Fauna Survey and Feral Animal Control for Priority Kwinana Reserves

    Of the 240 hectares of conservation reserve in City of Kwinana, there is only one reserve where detailed fauna surveys have been conducted. Whilst there is a general picture of what species are present, it is essential to undertake more baseline studies in areas where new residential developments have occurred, where the impacts will be more pronounced, and reserves become increasingly isolated over time. With City of Kwinana being one of the top ten fastest growing local government areas in Australia (Based on 2010-2011 ABS Statistics), the main threats of habitat destruction through development, followed by predation from domestic cats are growing. 

    Obtaining this survey information will make our monitoring of fauna, and control of feral animals based on science rather than on assumptions about what is present. It will also enable us to adjust our practices according to what is found. It will determine whether certain species that we think could be present are present. For example, a few years ago a brushed tailed phascogale was found by a resident on a property in Bertram. We want to be able to follow up some of these reports, to better able to protect these species, and see if there are any viable populations present.

    The three areas and their attributes are as follows: They were chosen to represent distinct zones within the Kwinana's conservation reserve system. 

    Bertram Sanctuary /Belgravia Dampland (15.2ha Conservation Category Wetland, Regional Ecological Linkage between two Bush Forever sites BF272 &273, it is representative of regionally significant vegetation, and potential habitat for Carnaby's Black Cockatoos). Two active community groups occur in this area who will be supporting the project.
    Wildflower Reserve (25ha BF 272, Regional Ecological Linkages in two directions S-N and SW-EN, potential habitat for Carnaby's Cockatoos). Suspected diversity in reptile species.
    Sloans Reserve ( 12ha BF 349, Conservation Category Wetland, Registered Site of Significance). An active volunteer group occurs at the reserve who will be supporting the project. 

    Key project activities:
    • Undertake three professional fauna surveys in these key reserves that will focus on obtaining a list of species and conservation significant fauna. 
    • Citizen science based surveying including camera trap monitoring, hollow monitoring, bird surveys and night stalks. Monitoring will then be able to run for longer periods of time. Also, residents will be able to send in photos of mammals over distinct periods of time to inform what species of natives and feral animals are present across Kwinana. 
    • Undertaking appropriate feral animal control based on data obtained at the sites. Fox and cat trapping, den destruction, release of RHDV virus, rabbit baiting and warren destruction.
    • Production of Feral Animal pamphlet for distribution to residents, particularly in close proximity to existing conservation reserves. Focus will also be on domestic pets roaming in conservation reserves. Community members will assist in distribution.
    • Continued monitoring of effects of control program in the areas, over the course of the project.
    • Installation of habitat structures for bat/phascogale/black cockatoo, where deemed appropriate based on initial fauna survey, with ability to regularly monitor.
    Investment: $ 30 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 34 885
    Delivery organisation: City of Kwinana
    Project duration: July 2016 - December 2017
    Location: City of Kwinana
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