15076: Katherine Chauhan Reserve Interpretive Trail Project

    Located at Withers in Bunbury, the Katherine Chauhan Reserve is a highly valued conservation reserve of 3.5 ha.  With an unlogged remnant vegetation in good to very good condition, it is known to have over 35 species of orchid and more than 130 species of native plants, including Priority 2, 3, 4 plants and 9 species outside their usual endemic range (providing an excellent seed bank for the Leschenault Community Nursery). The reserve is well known by orchid enthusiasts and also provides habitat for federally protected Western Ringtail possums and Black Cockatoo species.

    The project hopes to raise local community awareness of the conservation and Noongar cultural values of Katherine Chauhan Reserve by involving the local school community in the project by:

    • clearly identifying the access track, protecting flora and fauna in the reserve from trampling and pathogens (dieback).
    • involve two local schools, St Joseph's Primary School and Maidens Park Primary School, in the design of main access signs under the guidance of a local aboriginal elder / artist. Signs will be based around the six Noongar seasons.
    • educate the local community and visitors about the ecological value of the reserve, the plant varieties (species) and significance of flora to the Noongar culture.
    • add value to the Withers Improvement Plan.

    Revegetation activities will be supported with comprehensive weed control provided by both the Stewards of the Reserve and the City of Bunbury.

    Investment: $ 15 140
    In-kind contribution: $ 9 500
    Delivery organisation: Stewards of Katherine Chauhan Reserve
    Project duration: February 2015 - November 2016
    Location: Withers, Bunbury

    Project partners

    St Joseph's Primary School

    Maidens Park Primary School

    City of Bunbury

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