15083: Billabong Paddock Restoration

    The project will complete a vegetation corridor and protect fringing vegetation of the buffer zone to the Nicholson Road Billabong, which is a waterbird conservation area of high importance. 
    The Eastfield Court Paddock (the Paddock) is an area of introduced weeds within a habitat corridor located in the Canning River Regional Park. It forms a barrier to flora and fauna in the otherwise healthy Billabong fringing vegetation. The project will enhance the biodiversity of the Nicholson Road Billabong and will protect the surrounding vegetation and habitat corridor from infestation by the introduced weed species.
    The Paddock, if rehabilitated, will complete a corridor of the Canning River that has been protected for 25 years by the Volunteers in the Canning River Park. As it stands it is a constant source of infestation of weeds into the surrounding healthy corridor. It is also a barrier within the corridor and provides no useful habitat for the fauna of the area.
    Within the Paddock are kikuyu grass, buffalo grass, oxalis veldt grass (Ehrharta Calycina) and flea bane (Conzga bonariensi). These species are easily spread and aggressive in recolonizing surrounding areas.

    Investment: $ 9 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 7 000
    Delivery organisation: Canning River Regional Park Volunteers
    Project duration: July 2016 - March 2018
    Location: Canning, City of
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