15085: Fairbridge Central Bushland Protection stage 1

    This project is of extreme importance as the area identified within the Fairbridge Village Central Bushland contains 2 Threatened Ecological Communities and 2 Declared Rare Flora (DRF) species of Synaphea. 
    One of these species is only found in two locations on the Swan coastal plain of Western Australia - one of which is located within this Fairbridge Central bushland. 
    The site is currently being monitored by Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) Endangered Species department who do an annual count of the threatened flora and report on the overall condition of the bushland and then recommend specific actions to be undertaken to protect the species.

    Fairbridge is a not for profit organisation and a registered training organisation that runs many programs for young people such as FAIR (disability program) COOL (youth at risk programs). Training and apprenticeships for building construction, painting, environment, conservation and land management horticulture and nurseryman skills. As part of the current business plan to support these training and program areas the village has a social enterprise arm that is required to generate revenue. This is done by leasing out cottages and venues located throughout the village for holiday, school groups, corporate organisations, festivals and community events. The increasing numbers of people movement throughout the village has seen the creation of new walking tracks through all the village especially the sensitive central bushland area and subsequently deterioration is increasing. 
    Fairbridge has tried to protect this area by implementing road and track closures but then walkers develop a new track. Fairbridge does not have the resources to protect the area with fencing. 
    Noxious environmental weeds like Watsonia and acacias are also degrading the bushland and threatening the DRF. 
    A current program of control is being undertaken but is insufficient to decrease the impact of these weeds on the bushland.
    Without funding to enable fencing to be installed as stage 1 this bushland will continue to degrade and the DRF will be lost.

    The project will firstly:
    1. Protect the defined Bushland area to eliminate all people traffic
    2. Provide a complete weed control program
    3. Revegetate the closed roads and tracks
    And then Secondly:
    1. Assist the bushland to naturally regenerate 
    2. Enhance the natural village environment 
    3. Educate Fairbridge Staff to protect and appreciate the valuable resource that they have 
    4. Educate the general public in endangered species and the value of retaining and enhancing the natural environment.
    5. Provide students with a live resource to learn how to manage bushland remnants and this project will also form part of the learning curriculum at Fairbridge.

    Investment: $ 23 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 28 764
    Delivery organisation: Fairbridge Western Australia Inc
    Project duration: July 2016 - October 2017
    Location: Fairbridge Shire of Murray
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