15089: GFPS Woodland Restoration Project: Protect, Connect & Play

    The woodland restoration project aims to inspire children and community to connect with, protect and carefully play in local bushland. Improvement of degraded land will protect nearby bushland.

    GFPS improved this old orchard area by planting trees (2000-2011). 
    The site is adjacent to Nyaania Creek, part of the Helena River system, a registered Aboriginal Heritage site. The degraded area is ideally shaped, and placed, for restoration and protection. It is surrounded by good to excellent bushland on three sides. The planted over-storey needs attention to tree health. Weeds threaten the whole area. Endangered Carnaby's cockatoos are known to feed and roost. The place is alive with small birds, but habitat and protection is poor in the degraded patch.

    The valley slope is ideally located for school involvement, and proposed educational events. 

    The project will enable local groups to work cohesively on ecologically and historically connected sites. It will utilize established successful partnerships 

    • commence weed management including Asparagus asparagoides (WoNS)
    • spread bridal creeper rust fungus
    • spot herbicide use by skilled contractor
    • hand weeding involving children to improve identification skills
    • plant shelter belt of Sheoaks along exposed road edge
    • improve overstorey by weed removal and restoration of groundcover
    • plant from seed collected by local professional
    • and grown by local expert propagators

    Intended activities will
    • inform school and community through the school noticeboard and newsletter, Facebook and newspaper articles.
    • encourage and enable students to explore and investigate each site, learning through nature play, planting and weeding. 
    • provide aboriginal engagement and environmental education opportunities for the school.
    • increase school and community awareness of dieback. Install dieback brush stations and information signs. Inject Jarrah trees.
    • continue flora and fauna inventories, photo-point monitoring and a record of activities. 
    • use woody weed waste creatively on-site.
    • create fauna habitat.

    Investment: $ 20 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 42 565
    Delivery organisation: Nature & Wildlife Group @ Glen Forrest Primary School
    Project duration: July 2016 - July 2017
    Location: Mundaring, Shire of
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