15090: Feral Pig Control - Lake Muir, Denbarker and Northcliffe

    Large Pig Feeding in Denmark
    Large Pig Feeding in Denmark

    Feral pigs are a declared pest in WA, and are a transient animal which can create significant environmental disturbance and damage quickly though its natural behaviours of digging, wallowing and foraging for food. Feral pigs are known to prey on native fauna and flora and the project area includes habitat of the quokka, quenda, chuditch, tammar and brush tailed wallaby, phascogale, sunset frog and also threatened flora species including Christines Spider Orchid (Calendenia christinea), Harringtons Spider Orchid (Calendenia harringtonea), Dwarf Hammer Orchid (Drakea micrantha) and Reedia spathacea. The animals are also known to spread phytophthora as they move across the forest areas. In agricultural areas feral pigs damage pasture, foul waterways and can prey on small stock, they also pose a significant biosecurity threat should WA be impacted by an exotic disease outbreak such as foot and mouth disease.

    The proposed project will continue work in the undertaken in the Lake Muir and Denbarker area since 2001, aimed at protection of agricultural land and the Ramsar listed Muir Byenup Wetlands and further development of a low pig density buffer around the northern edge of the Walpole Wilderness area. In the Northcliffe area the control of feral pigs will focus on the private property, public land interface to the East of the townsite and areas of the Shannon and Boorara Gardner National Parks impacted by fire in February 2015, building on work done by the Northcliffe Declared Species Group in partnership with the Lake Muir Denbarker Community Feral PIg Eradication Group between 2010 and 2015.

    This project will use accredited, experienced trappers to undertake surveillance and contol of feral pigs across the project area. Control techniques will include trapping and shooting of feral pigs during late summer and early autumn when food and water sources are more limited which facilitates more successful pre feeding and capture.

    Since commencing in 2001 this project has dispatched 1530 pigs in the Lake Muir and Denbarker area and 836 in the Northcliffe area significantly reducing the level of agricultural impact of these pests and minimising the spread of the population in the area. Experience during the project shows that without ongoing monitoring and control, population spread will occur as numbers increase placing pressure of food and water availability. Feral pigs have the ability to breed two or three times a year with sows giving birth to litters of 5-8 piglets from a young age.

    Investment: $ 40 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 23 470
    Delivery organisation: Lake Muir Denbarker Community Feral Pig Eradication Group
    Project duration: July 2016 - June 2017
    Location: Cranbrook, Shire of Denmark, Shire of Manjimup, Shire of Plantagenet, Shire of
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