15092: Bringing Back the Boyup Brook

    This project will deliver 9.5km fencing to protect 81ha vulnerable vegetation and 6400 native seedlings to improve water health, habitat for native wildlife and reduce erosion and remnant vegetation degradation.This will complete actions to rehabilitate degraded areas across the property that the landholder has been implementing at their own cost over the last few years. 

    The on-ground project location is in the upper reaches of the Boyup Brook catchment, which flows through the Boyup Brook townsite where it meets the Blackwood River. The brook has had a focus of investment in the past to improve the water quality before it flows into the Blackwood, control weed species and increase amenity value for town residents and tourists when visiting the SW region.

    Every year, a large salt and nutrient load is contributed directly into this vitally important system from agricultural land uses within the catchment. By excluding stock and revegetating this creekline, this project will protect the riparian zone and create a buffer to filter nutrients for water quality improvements. The project also addresses degradation to upland remnant vegetation through stock-proof fencing and infill planting to increase drawdown on recharge areas which will reduce waterlogging in the floodplain zone and assist vegetation establishment.

    The current state of the remaining riparian and upland vegetation is degraded and declining; without taking action, this area will reach the tipping point for rehabilitation. By acting now, we can reduce the seedlings required for rehabilitation by infill planting, assist natural regeneration by excluding stock, and address small areas bared off by waterlogging and salinity.

    Equipment purchase:
    This project also seeks to purchase a ripper/mounder machine to increase access to essential equipment, facilitating more efficient and successful voluntary revegetation work across private and public land in the Blackwood Catchment. A ripper/mounder machine is critical to preparing a site for revegetation work to ensure seedling root establishment and moisture infiltration, however the closest publically available ripper/mounder for hire is over 150 kilometres from Boyup Brook. To be loaned out and managed through the BBG, a ripper/mounder will address this sizable gap in services to provide long term benefits for the environment and reduce inefficiencies in time and public funding requirements for equipment loan through project grants. With plans to plant over 100,000 seedlings in the next 3 years to restore habitat for our native biodiversity, there is a severe need for this equipment.
    A small fee will be charged to hire the ripper/mounder, which will provide funds to manage the maintenance and repair requirements into the future.

    By purchasing a ripper/mounder for use through BBG, NRM/Landcare group projects and farmers/landholders, this project will:
    • Ensure maximum success of environmental work on private property through best practice site preparations;
    • Improve efficient use of public funds by enabling the purchase of equipment, rather than hiring, that will be used and maintained to complete revegetation work for many years;
    • Encourage participation in environmental projects by providing greater access to information and services for the local community.

    Investment: $ 47 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 54 650
    Delivery organisation: Blackwood Basin Group
    Project duration: July 2016 - June 2017
    Location: Boyup Brook, Shire of
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