15097: Restoring our Region's Natural Assets - Revegetation on the Pallinup River

    The Gnowangerup region is home to several fauna species of national significance; the Malleefowl, Carnaby's Cockatoo and potentially the Red-Tailed Phascogale. These are amoung hundreds of other native species which have limited habitat in this large farming region, and as a result, populations are declining.

    The Pallinup River and Gnowangerup Creek which feeds into it, is a locally significant river of approximately 250 kilometres, with a catchment area of nearly 5000 square kilometres. 90 percent of this catchment is cleared. Revegetation of cleared and degraded areas is essential to ensure the ecosystem remains healthy going into the future. As the proposed site is adjacent to the Pallinup River, re-establishing vegetation in this area will also aid water retention and help decrease runoff into the river, potentially preventing eutrophication of the Pallinup River. 

    Part of the project will include a detailed survey of flora and fauna species found within the Project area. This is intended to provide insight into the ecosystem and improve knowledge within the community of the species in the area. It will also provide insight into what significant species may be present in the area and provide opportunities for us to manage them. 

    The Pallinup River is a place of much significance for the local Aboriginal community. It once provided a path between inland areas and the coast, and supported numerous camp grounds and fresh water sources which no longer remain. The Gnowangerup Aboriginal Corporation will aid us in surveying the site to identify any areas of significance and share knowledge of the area so we are better able to conserve it. 

    If the funding is not received, there will be no capacity to fence the intended section of the Pallinup River, the proposed revegetation site, or complete the species survey and revegetation. This will mean the opportunity to provide 15 hectares of additional habitat through revegetation, and protect a further 400 hectares of habitat, will be lost.

    Investment: $ 48 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 74 791
    Delivery organisation: North Stirlings Pallinup Natural Resources Incorporated
    Project duration: July 2016 - December 2016
    Location: Gnowangerup, Shire of
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