15098: Woolkabunning Kiaka biodiversity management for 1ha at Roelands Village Project

    Year one of a three year restoration project to protect and increase the quality of the high value remnant native vegetation and increase the capacity of Woolkabunning Kiaka (WKI) to manage biodiversity on site. 

    The project will also protect the tributaries of the Collie River, an high value riparian system of the South West catchment region.

    The project will also address threats including; loss of biodiversity & habitat / increase erosion / increasing pressures from human and stock access / increase declared weed infestation / pest animals. 

    The project will also provide education and awareness raising to the public, improve biodiversity values, improve water quality, decrease nutrient run off, decrease erosion, decrease declared pest plants / animals, and increase the value of natural and cultural assets onsite at Roelands Village

    The long term ambition is to protect areas of environmental significance and natural and cultural heritage education walking trail to be established at the Roelands Village.

    Investment: $ 8 435
    Delivery organisation: Woolkabunning Kiaka Incorporated
    Location: Harvey, Shire of
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