15111: Post fire revegetation at the Quindanning Hall

    During the Lower Hotham bushfires in February 2015, the area around the Quindanning Hall was cleared of standing native vegetation which was subsequently burnt. Weeds are now spreading throughout the area. The hall committee see an opportunity to revegetate the cleared area in year 1 and in year 2 to revegetate a 20 metre corridor down to and buffer (100 m wide in places) the Williams River using local species. This grant application applies to the year 1 revegetation.

    Revegetating around the Quindanning Hall will add to creekline revegetation on the farming property to the west, which connects to the Williams River. In year two the revegetation north from the hall via the Shire's Reserve to the Williams River system will complete a terrestrial linkage to a meander in the well vegetated river, reduce the weed burden, improve habitat values and lower local water-tables (see landscape map). 

    The pools in the Williams River are significant to both Aboriginal and early settlers. Quindanning Hall is a stopping place for travellers and is the only public open space in Quindanning where it is suitable to provide a link from the river to public ground and hence create an educational trail. 

    Revegetation in the 20 metre buffer around the Quindanning Hall will follow the Building Protection Zone (BPZ) guidelines as described in FESA's information note. The rest of the area will be revegetated to create habitat and food for birds and animals and shelter for human beings.

    Threats and long-term risks:
    The area is currently covered in wild oats and other weeds which creates a fire hazard.
    There are no native vegetation to prevent water and wind erosion, particularly in the event of storms.

    What the project will do:
    The project is bringing together the broader community, including the local government, community members, local Aboriginal elder, local contractors and engaging them in the planning, implementation and long term management of the site.

    Engage and consult with the broader community as described above to create a detailed design
    Map natural drainage, weeds and rabbits
    Remove old tennis courts 
    Mark out revegetation sites 
    Rip revegetation areas
    Order seedlings
    Control weeds
    Create vehicle barrier fences
    Spring weed control if necessary
    Develop and install signage
    Communicate through local newspapers and databases.


    Investment: $ 15 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 9 470
    Delivery organisation: Quindanning Community Hall Incorporated
    Project duration: July 2016 - October 2017
    Location: Williams, Shire of
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