15137: Restoration of Bull Creek Reserve

    Bull Creek Reserve is a bush forever site with some excellent sections of remnant bush and wetland areas. These areas are directly under threat of a number of highly invasive weeds including blackberry, lantana, acacia longifolia, and papyrus. If nothing is done, these sections will eventual be totally lost to the invasion of these highly invasive weeds and the biodiversity of the site will be greatly affected. In addition the water quality of Bull Creek Main Drain has been identified as a priority through the WQIP. By restoring and revegetating with local native species we hope to provide an improvement to the water quality of Bull Creek. To get a better understanding of the biodiversity of Bull Creek and the impacts of our restoration works a macro invertebrate and herpetofauna survey will provide useful insight. This insight can then be used to identify potential priorities and risks and whether key pollinators for native flora species are present or under threat. In this staged approach to the restoration of Bull Creek we will continue to expand our project sites with weed control and revegetation. 

    Investment: $ 25 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 114 908
    Delivery organisation: South East Regional Center for Urban Landcare
    Location: Melville, City of
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