15140: Degraded saltmarsh rehabilitation in Canning River Regional Park tidal flats.

    It is recognised that the saltmarshes has an important ecological function as a component of the  Canning River Regional Park (CRRP), as they provide important ecosystems in tidal zones such as habitats for fragile samphire (Sarcocornia quenqueflora) communities, breeding and feeding grounds for many aquatic and terrestrial fauna including macroinvertebrates and crustaceans.

    One of the major objectives in the CRRP Management Plan is to rehabilitate, conserve, and regenerate the indigenous flora and fauna in degraded saltmarsh areas.
    Several weeds of concern have invaded the tidal zones and have the potential to spread widely and displace native saltmarsh plants.

    Two degraded areas: sites A (5658 m2) and B (7940 m2) close to the Adenia lagoon have been selected as a pilot project (control and reconnecting areas with natural channels) for weed control, rehabilitation and for the pre and post investigation.

    The alien couch grass (Cyanodon dactylon) will be removed and degraded channels will be reconnected to the weed managed-areas. A preliminary survey will be carried out to collect pre-restoration data of water and soil parameters, vegetation and macroinvertebrate composition. All of these parameters will be monitored in the restored and control areas after the rehabilitation are complete. Finally pre and post rehabilitation investigation data will provide a successful management strategy to apply within Swan-Canning saltmarshes in the Perth region.


    Investment: $ 14 600
    In-kind contribution: $ 166 120
    Delivery organisation: South East Regional Center for Urban Landcare
    Project duration: April 2017 - June 2017
    Location: Canning, City of
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