15142: Protection and enhancement of the biodiversity of Booragoon Lake Reserve.

    Booragoon Lake Reserve provides feeding habitat for the following threatened or priority fauna species in decline on the Swan Coastal Plain, including the Forest Red tail Cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus banksiinaso), Carnaby's Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris), and migratory waders.  The site generally has intact vegetation structure, with the major identified threats being introduced flora and fauna as well as fire, highlighting the importance for thorough weed control.

    Previous Japanese Pepper  (Zanthoxylum piperitum) management has been undertaken and it is planned to extend the area under woody weed management. In order to successfully eradicate Japanese Peppers from the reserve gps locations and attributes of infestations will be recorded to create a map for analysing purposes. This allows revisiting infestations and measure progress made to determine whether treatments have been successful. 

    This progect also aims to continue the staged weed management along the seasonally wet section of the Lake and revegetate areas previously managed.   By revegetating this section with locally native stock it is hoped to reduce the need for weed management in the future and enhance habitat increasing biodiversity.

    Investment: $ 26 250
    In-kind contribution: $ 80 949
    Delivery organisation: South East Regional Center for Urban Landcare
    Project duration: May 2016 - June 2018
    Location: City of Melville

    Project partners

    City of Melville
    Friends of Booragoon and Blue Gum Lakes

    More information

    South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare

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