15146: Continuing Rehabilitation of Wetland Fringing Vegetation at Lake Goollelal

    This project forms a continuation of two similar projects aimed to complete the entire western shore of Lake Goollelal, where a program of spraying and replanting is slowly bringing the area back to the point where herbaceous annuals are reproducing. replanting has also been undertaken.

    The project is sensitive to views of the lake which residents enjoy so will consist of groups of heavy vegetation interspersed with clear areas. The important principle of exotic plant removal east of the path will be maintained.

    Investment: $ 12 100
    In-kind contribution: $ 22 504
    Delivery organisation: Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park ( Inc)
    Project duration: April 2016 - August 2017
    Location: City of Joondalup

    Project partners

    Department of Parks and Wildlife

    Greening WA

    More information

    Friends of Yellagonga Regional Park ( Inc)

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