15149: Weed Management in Bush Forever Site 331.

    The project will address the impact of seasonal and endemic weeds on important sections of remnant native riparian vegetation which form part of a significant bushland corridor for native wildlife, including threatened species.

    Surrounded by heavily used and highly altered landscapes, the natural areas within Bush Forever Site 331 suffer greatly from various weed species derived from urban or agricultural activities. Weeds include, woody weeds, non-native grasses, perennial grasses, seasonal weeds, and running grasses. These weeds are spreading vigorously in various pockets, smothering native vegetation and reducing the ecological values of habitat essential for a diversity of wildlife.

    The project seeks to remove these species where possible and to better-manage them in areas where they are a recurring problem, allowing for the natural regrowth of indigenous species to occur as well as the planting of replacement native species.

    By removing weed species and where required replacing them with vegetation indigenous to the site, the project will enable natural processes of regeneration to occur as well as restoring the integrity of the riparian vegetation structure.

    The project will thus assist in the creation and maintenance of a healthy wildlife corridor and improve river water quality in an area highly valued by the Perth community, for the benefit of future generations.

    Investment: $ 22 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 22 350
    Delivery organisation: Swan Estuary Reserves Action Group Inc.
    Project duration: March 2016 - October 2017
    Location: City of Melville

    Project contact details

    Swan Estuary Reserves Action Group Inc.

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