15155: Busselton Urban Wetland Recovery Project

    The Busselton urban wetlands acts as a large bio filtration system for urban drainage before entering Geographe Bay and is host to a diverse range of fauna co-existing with neighbouring land uses and associated pressures.  GeoCatch (Geographe Catchment Council) in conjunction with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the City of Busselton have taken extensive measures over several years to gain control of a number of perennial weeds within the wetland margins with encouraging results. Given what has been achieved throughout the wetlands, the importance of continuing intensive weed control is essential and is a high priority for GeoCatch to avoid weed abundance returning to previous levels and to allow vegetation to recover from weed invasion. 

    This project aims to consolidate weed control efforts over previous years and to expand control of weeds and various woody weed species over approximately 15 hectares of wetland vegetation.  Project partners the Department of Parks and Wildlife will provide technical support and are planning a number of projects qualifying as co-contributions to compliment this work. These include a wetlands reserve weed mapping and rubbish removal project and upgrading fences in the wetlands area, which helps in maintaining condition of the vegetation and reduces the introduction of weeds into the system.   The City of Busselton will provide technical support and coordination of the volunteer activities as part of the Friends of Busselton wetlands. Activities will include manual weed removal and maintenance of wetland vegetation.

    Investment: $ 15 682
    In-kind contribution: $ 21 560
    Delivery organisation: Geographe Catchment Council (GeoCatch)
    Project duration: July 2016 - June 2017
    Location: City of Busselton

    Major project achievements

    14.3 hectares of woody weed control and 16.8 hectares of Arum Lily control were achieved as part of the project.

    The results of the project will be used as a base line to undertake further control. It is anticipated that the results will not only improve the regenerative capacity of native vegetation which will improve biodiversity and visual amenity. This will no doubt benefit wetland enthusiasts who access the wetlands via paths adjacent to control areas.

    Project partners

    City of Busselton

    Department of Parks and Wildlife

    Project contact details

    Geographe Catchment Council (GeoCatch)

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