15158: 2016 Western Australian Beach Clean Up

    The Margaret River Regional Environment Centre cleaned up Contos Beach in 2016.
    The Margaret River Regional Environment Centre cleaned up Contos Beach in 2016.

    The WA Beach Clean Up is important as data collected through the Australian Marine Debris Database shows that long-term coastal clean-ups are effective in reducing the amount of marine debris at a specific site. This event links 12 years of volunteer effort in improving the health of the WA marine environment through rubbish removal, to a unique and valuable long-term dataset on marine debris in the region. This data is being used at local, state and federal levels to create Source Reduction Plans that stop the flow of debris into the ocean in the first place. If all we do is clean-up, that is all we will ever do, this project provides an holistic framework to remove and prevent marine debris in the long-term assisting in improving the health of marine wildlife, ecosystems and public amenity.

    Tangaroa Blue Foundation (TBF) aimed to engage over 1750 volunteers at 150 coastal sites (230km) statewide as part of the 12th annual WA Beach Clean Up. The event was held over the weekend of October 8th & 9th, 2016. TBF plans to engage with local partners to encourage volunteers to register clean-up sites, remove marine debris, and collect data for submission to TBF for inclusion in the Australian Marine Debris Database. The data will then be used to identify sources of marine debris, allowing community, industry and government to create mitigation strategies that result in the long-term improvement of the environment.

    Investment: $ 20 886
    In-kind contribution: $ 186 137
    Delivery organisation: Tangaroa Blue Foundation Ltd
    Project duration: April 2016 - April 2017
    Location: State Wide

    Major project achievements

    • 88,880 items of rubbish was removed from the WA coastline during the event
    • 1730 volunteers participated in the 2016 WA Beach Clean Up
    • 138 sites were cleaned during the event
    • A broad cross section of the state was covered during the clean-up from Rangelands NRM around the South Coast NRM regions.
    • Data was collected from most sites by volunteers for inclusion in the Australian Marine Debris Database
    • Two items were tracked during the months after the event by Government agency partners for investigation. One item was black plastic resin pellets found in the Swan River, the second was 4 oil bottles found along the Cape coast.

    Project contact details

    Tangaroa Blue

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